Made fresh to the original recipe (no additives or preservatives.)

The Manufacturing Process

P7070002.JPG - large1. The raw ingredients are measured into a large mixing bowl.  Water is added and the dough is mechanically mixed. The dough is left to rise, and is then knocked back.
P7080005.JPG - large2. Pieces of dough are pulled from the bowl and placed into the hopper of the cutting/rounding machine.  The cutter/rounder forms uniform pieces of dough in to balls, which are then placed on to trays.  The trays are placed into a rack that is then moved to the cool room.
P3010001.JPG - large3. Once on site, the trays are placed in a proofer (warming cabinet) that activates the yeast to raise the doughnuts.
P3010004(2).JPG - large4. Once risen, the doughnuts are cooked in oil.
P3010003(2).JPG - large







5. Jam is then pumped in to the doughnuts (our new electronic jammer is in operation at the Dandenong Market).  The doughnuts are rolled in sugar and are ready to eat!







 P7180009(2).JPG - large