Let us cater at your next event with freshly made hot jam donuts!

Event Catering/Orders

All orders required with less than 72 hours notice must be phoned through to the office (see contact page).  Someone will contact you regarding your order (please try again if you haven't had a response).


Large events e.g. festivals, shows etc.

Our mobile vans are able to travel to your event where our staff will cook and prepare fresh doughnuts on site, then sell them to the general public. The vans are self contained and purpose built and so require no power.  All of our vehicles, and our factory, are registered annually with the City of Casey Environmental Health Unit.  We carry full public and product liability insurance.  Generally we would pay a site fee for such events (minimum crowd figure required).


Medium sized events – e.g. company Christmas parties etc.

For these types of events, the doughnuts are purchased in advance (a discount may apply – enquire for details).  We then send our van to your event, where the doughnuts are cooked and prepared on site by our trained staff.  The doughnuts are then given out to event participants.  Bookings are essential and a minimum order is required (1000-1500 doughnuts depending on traveling distance and staff requirements).


For smaller quantities, we can pre-pack the hot donuts in polyfoam boxes that will keep them warm for several hours.  Pickup will be required from one of our retail locations (delivery may be available at a fee subject to availability).


Examples of current event catering:

We provide donuts to Loy Yang Power Station Social Club for their annual Christmas event.  We have been catering for this event for over 20 years.


Smaller events e.g. birthdays etc.

If the minimum order is beyond your requirements, you may consider the following:


Quantities of 50 or more can be pre-ordered (up to 48 hours notice may be required depending on quantity) for pick up at a pre-arranged time at our retail locations during trading hours.  The doughnuts will be ready and waiting for you!  We can also provide foam boxes to keep your donuts warm for several hours (charges apply and pre-order essential).


Please note: The doughnuts are kept under refrigeration, and then require proofing in a warm environment before being cooked.  It is therefore not possible for us to sell uncooked doughnuts.  For the same reason, the vans are only able to be operated by our trained staff (we do not hire the vans out).